White label end-to-end digital assistant solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Engage Your Customers

with AI Digital Assistants

Get insights of what your customers want

Banks have huge amounts of data on their customers

Leverage raw banking data like transaction history into  targeted marketing and customer relationship management

Assist your customers via their favourite messaging apps

Help your customers manage their personal finances

Engage Your Customers through Business Process Automation

Connect with the mobile banking system 

to perform additional functions such as

inquiry of account information, transaction and so on

Integrate with existing messaging channels such as

WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, SMS, existing Native App, etc

Enhance the customer service experience


Help your customers instantly anytime and anywhere

No more waiting on phone in peak hours or next business day

More than a chatbot

Financial Data Driven

We train our model with real data from the financial industry, which makes our AI digital assistant familiar with your customers and their needs.



Asian Languages Focused

Grow your business in the emerging Asia markets with our Natural Language Processing and digital assistant solution that support more than 10 Asian languages


Bahasa Indonesia




(Simplified Chinese)





WeChat Bot

Skype Bot

Clare.AI is integrated with most popular instant messaging and AI platforms via API, helps you to reach your customers with their favourite apps.

Talk to your customers with their favourite messaging apps

Telegram Bot


Facebook Bot

Web Bot

Android Bot

Line Bot

iOS Bot

Slack Bot

Alexa Bot

See it in action

Get to see how our digital assistant aka chatbot works and helps thousands of persons improve their daily life with better management. 

Clare.AI Wins at Citibank’s 2017 Fintech Challenge Hong Kong

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